Welcome to R.E.L. Estate & Decor, home of The Redo Realtor, Ariel Derrick !

                        It all started when my husband & I bought our first house in Norman, OK for $39k. Growing up, my dad had a construction company, & I grew up with him always redoing our various homes, so to me, it was normal to tear down a wall any random afternoon. My first house had pink carpet & a terribly configured bathroom. The whole house was ugly, but it was built in 1930 so it had great bones, and wood floors under that stinky carpet. After redoing that house, I sold it for a profit, and was on to the next one. After redoing another, & subcontracting a new house and selling both for profits during the housing crash, I decided I should get my real estate license, and have been doing real estate full time since then. I’ve continued to renovate & sell homes for profit, while helping others maximize their profits when selling their homes, or helping clients chose houses to purchase that have good investment potential. I’m so glad I’m in real estate, I didn’t grow up knowing that’s what I wanted to do, I just did what I liked, and made a business out of it. I believe that I’m improving my community by improving the structures around me, as well as creating spaces people love to be in. When I take on a client I commit to treat them as I would any of my close friend or family, I believe everyone in a transaction should be treated fairly and with honesty.